Ted Cruz on Iran Deal Extension: “Enough Is Enough”

Washington, DC

United States Senator and 2016 presidential candidate Ted Cruz released a statement Wednesday afternoon saying the Obama administration’s Iran deal is getting worse.

“The longer the Obama administration stays at the negotiating table with Iran, the more concessions it makes,” said Sen. Cruz.

Cruz revealed that Congress recently learned Tehran wants relief from sanctions prior to IAEA inspectors’ access to inspect potential parts of the nuclear program, Tehran plans to continue enrichment activities, and Tehran wants to retain its nuclear stockpile instead of releasing parts of it to other countries.

“And now the commander of the Basij militia of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards has reportedly said that ‘erasing Israel off the map’ is ‘nonnegotiable,’” Cruz said.

The Texas Republican added, “Enough is enough. The Obama administration’s bad deal is only getting worse with time. Iran’s nuclear build-up profoundly endangers the security of America and our allies.”

Montana Republican Sen. Steve Daines echoes Cruz’s concerns. He thinks the Obama administration’s decision to again extend the nuclear negotiations with Iran weakens U.S. security.

Daines stated:

The Obama administration’s decision to ignore another deadline weakens our security by empowering Iran to continue its dangerous behavior without consequence. Our desire for negotiations to succeed should not blind the Obama administration from the reality that only Iran is benefiting from the current approach.

He added, “I believe Congress must impose stronger sanctions without further delay to exact real pressure on the Iranian regime to eliminate its capacity to build nuclear weapons.”

BBC News reports that key issues are still being ironed out at the talks, but that Iranian and Russian officials say they have “a broad framework of understanding.”

However, several key officials have reportedly left the talks.

No deal was reached Wednesday, and John Kerry will stay in Switzerland overnight, according to Fox News.