Clear Channel Pulls Gun Control Billboards After Pro-Gun Protests


On April 2, Clear Channel pulled pro-gun control advertisements from billboards in Massachusetts it had donated to a Stop Handgun Violence campaign.

One of the billboards promote a “federal assault weapons ban now” and another displayed a Bushmaster AR-15 rifle standing on end, “with a white surrender flag in the barrel.”

According The Boston Globe, the caption on the billboard with Bushmaster said, “We’ not anti-gun, We’re pro-life.” No explanation was given as to what assault weapons bans and Bushmaster rifles have to do with handgun violence.

There were 36 gun control billboards statewide, 25 of which had been donated by Clear Channel.

Just days ago–on March 31–Stop Handgun Violence president John Rosenthal boasted about the billboards, saying, “It will be huge coverage. Having billboards all over the state that are literally positioned to have maximum exposure from the highways is a huge win.”

But that was then, this is now, and the billboards are coming down amid an overwhelming pro-Second Amendment outcry.

Clear Channel’s David Grabert said they received “a number of messages expresses concern” about the billboards. Gun Owners’ Action League (GOAL) used the tact of demanding the billboards be pulled or that an equal number of billboards be donated for pro-Second Amendment advertisement. Clear Channel decided the best route to take was to simply to remove the pro-gun control ads.

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