Nevada Reporter: Friend Of Harry Reid Killed My 2012 Column

Harry Reid
The Associated Press

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid insists he plans to spend the next 22 months fighting for liberal policies.

But his impending retirement, after he suffered severe injuries on New Year’s Day and was criticized by a federal report over his involvement in controversial EB-5 visas for foreign investors, is opening the door to other criticisms.

Nevada reporter Jon Ralston reveals that back in 2012, he wrote a column criticizing Reid after the senator made irresponsible, unfounded claims that Mitt Romney was cheating on his taxes. Ralston’s piece was killed by the Las Vegas Sun’s editor, who was a friend of Senator Reid.

Ralston is now providing the entire piece on his on his Web site:

Reid is both fearless and shameless, a formidable combination for his adversaries, especially now that he has nothing to lose. I’m not convinced this is his last term (I consider it unlikely), but 2016 is a long time from now. And this surely won’t hurt Reid among his Democratic caucus, whose members surely marvel that their leader is willing to say things they only muse about. And judging by the mindless, seal-like behavior of many Democratic partisans – you go, senator! – Reid’s “I heard this from someone but I can’t tell you who” approach is only revving up the base.

Folks, these are not the rantings of an idiot savant, but the actions of a man with two, contradictory sides. Reid can be the frothing attack dog willing to call a president a “liar” and a “loser” just as easily as he can be the consummate inside Club of 100 player able to stroke Republicans to cut deals across the aisle. But more to the point here, Reid is the very careless pol with the media, regularly making intemperate remarks that make his staff cringe, but he’s also the coolly calculating pol who always – always — has a method to his apparent madness.

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