Concealed Permit Holder Pulls Gun, Foils Alleged Armed Robbery

AP Photo

On March 29, an Akron, Ohio concealed carry permit holder drew his gun to foil an alleged robbery attempt by two suspects, one of whom allegedly pulled a gun and demanded his “belongings” after he met them to buy a PlayStation game system.

The concealed permit holder met 22-year-old Natasha N. Brady to buy the game system she was supposedly selling. Brady tried to the talk the concealed permit holder into going behind the house, and when he refused, a second suspect emerged and allegedly pulled a gun to conduct a robbery.

According to Fox 8 Cleveland, the concealed permit holder drew his own gun, told the suspect to drop his and to “get on the ground.” Instead, the suspect allegedly dropped his gun and “fled on foot.”

Officers responded to calls on the alleged robbery and charged Natasha Brady with “complicity to commit robbery.”

Upon investigating the PlayStation Brady was supposedly selling, they found it was really just a game system box with a brick inside it to give it weight. They also found the suspect’s gun was actually a pellet gun.

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