Daily News Columnist: I’ll Help with Illegal Amnesty Questions

Pat Sullivan/Associated Press

Readers can turn to newspapers to help with many things–including, apparently, questions about amnesty for illegal aliens.

“Got questions about whether you qualify for President Obama’s deferred action programs?” New York Daily News immigration columnist Allan Wernick writes. “Later in the month, I’ll provide an update on the deferred action programs.”

It’s newsworthy that a newspaper has an immigration columnist.

Are there any other laws the Daily News wants to help its readers violate? A columnist writing about effective methods of turnstile jumping would be very helpful to New Yorkers, for example.

Wernick promotes the annual “CUNY/Citizenship NOW! Call-in,” scheduled for later this month. He promises to provide call-in numbers as the event approaches.

In the meantime, Wernick’s archives offer helpful headlines, such as: “An immigrant can get a green card despite not having paid taxes” and “A prior deportation will not keep an immigrant granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals status from reentering the U.S.

It’s news (illegals) can use.