Jeb Bush’s 2008 Voting Mishap

AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall
AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

Families always stick together.

This is the case with Jeb Bush and son”Jebbito,” who took to Twitter to laugh off what was an obvious mistake on the former governor’s Florida Voter Registration application, when he checked off that his race was “Hispanic” and not “White,” leaving many to question how or why he would make such a mistake.

Was this Jeb’s Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” moment, where she claimed to be Native American?

The application is pretty clear and straightforward, so I am not sure how this mistake could have happened. Then again, how many times have we all just skimmed over applications and not paid attention to the box or oval we were checking off?

I can honestly say that I have rushed through some applications so quickly that on a couple of occasions, I have marked that I was female, not male. It happens.

Now, Jebbito can state that he is a “Hispanic” since his mom is of Mexican descent. Jebbito is unmistakably one of those “Brown People,” but his dad Jeb is not so much.

Back in 2008, when it seemed as if every single Republican was going out to vote against Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama in the general election, it seems as if Jeb Bush may have made another mistake, forgetting to cast his vote for Republican presidential nominee John McCain.

According to Web Elect, a firm that compiles political campaign data that many political campaigns use to help craft their message and conduct voter outreach, Jeb Bush voted absentee in the Republican primary race in 2008 but is not listed as voting in the general election against Barack Obama.

If Jeb Bush really didn’t vote in the 2008 general election, did his “no vote” for John McCain translate into a vote for Barack Obama?