Dems Reps. Capuano and Lynch: Pelosi Should Step Down  

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Two Democratic House members are questioning Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) leadership in the wake of recent electoral defeats, suggesting she should step down.

Appearing on local WGBH Tuesday Reps. Michael Capuano (D-MA) and Stephen Lynch (D-MA) expressed a lack of confidence in Pelosi.

“I have said from day one that when you do something, no matter how good I think it is, if it’s not working you should change what you’re doing and right now we continue to do the same thing. We have lost more seats since then” Capuano, who encouraged Pelosi to step down in November, said.

He noted that while it would be “stupid” to blame a single person there does need to be a change.

“I think we need leadership that understands if something you are doing is not working, change what you’re doing,” he said.

Lynch answered in the affirmative when asked directly if Pelosi should step aside.

“Nancy Pelosi will not lead us back into the majority,” he said.

Shortly after the electoral defeats in November, Pelosi took on critics of her leadership, implying that questions about whether she will step down are sexist. At the time she said she would remain leader as long as her caucus wanted her.

Pelosi’s office did not immediately respond to request for comment Wednesday morning.

The National Republican Congressional Committee jumped on the criticism, arguing that Lynch and Capuano are voicing the “obvious.”

“Pelosi will not lead Democrats back to the majority despite her delusional predictions to the contrary,” NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior said in a statement. “While we appreciate the honesty of Lynch and Capuano, we sincerely hope that Democrats continue to elect Pelosi as leader so that we can continue to help elect Republicans to Congress on Election Day.”