Bill Clinton Claims Family Foundation One of Most Transparent ‘by a Good Long Stretch’ 

Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images/AFP
Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images/AFP

Former President Bill Clinton claimed his family’s foundation, which has come under fire for accepting millions of dollars from repressive Middle Eastern regimes, is one of the most transparent foundations in the country.

He told Town & Country magazine that the Clinton Foundation is “by a good long stretch, the most transparent of all the presidential foundations and more transparent than a lot of other major foundations in the country.”

“It should be, both because I believe in it and because Hillary is in public life, and we’ll get criticized, as some people are criticizing me, for taking money from a foreign government,” Clinton said.

A recent Reuters report, which found that the Clinton Foundation breached its pledge to disclose the names of all of its donors, undermines Clinton’s claims.

The Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), which reportedly “spends more than all of the other foundation initiatives put together” and remains bound to the same disclosure agreements, stopped making annual disclosures in 2010.

Reuters also discovered that the State Department did not review, as promised, “any new or increased contributions to CHAI by foreign governments” while Clinton served as secretary of state.

During Hillary Clinton’s tenure at the agency, the Clinton Foundation reportedly received “millions of dollars in new or increased payments from at least seven foreign governments.”

The State Department, according to the Reuters report, though, “was unable to cite any instances of its officials reviewing or approving new money from any foreign governments” and an agency official confirmed to the outlet “that none of the seven government donations had been submitted to the State Department for review.”