Hillary Clinton’s Less Than Transparent History

Hillary Rodham Clinton
The Associated Press
Washington, DC

Presumptive Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is on the record in regards to transparency. Unfortunately for her, a new Bloomberg item points out that’s not quite the case.

Hillary herself spoke on transparency in 2013.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton answers a question from Sen. Rand Paul on the 2012 Benghazi attack. Included in her statement: “We’ve been as transparent as we can.” and “I believe in transparency.”

On Friday, Bloomberg reported on documents that “reveal an unrevealing politician.” Unless opacity suddenly means the same thing as transparency, which for all anyone knows may be true in Clinton World, Hillary Clinton will have some more explaining to do, provided the media holds her feet to the fire on her long record of being far from transparent.

A trove of papers released yesterday at the Clinton library shows that, even before homebrew e-mail servers were an option, Hillary Clinton’s operation had mastered low-tech workarounds to avoid leaving a paper trail of her real-time views on controversial subjects.