Hillary Clinton Updates ‘Hard Choices’ in Preparation for Presidential Announcement

Hillary Rodham Clinton
AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais
Washington, DC

No doubt in preparation for her anticipated official campaign announcement on Sunday, Hillary Clinton released a somewhat new epilogue for the paperback version of Hard Choices, which the Huffington Post was undoubtedly more than happy to publish.

“Where did Hillary go?” the President asked, looking around. He was in the middle of a short speech about democracy in Burma, standing on the porch of Aung San Suu Kyi’s house in Rangoon. “Where is she?”

The more interesting question may be, what is it she decided to leave in and what did she take out of this clearly revised, however slightly, version?

The Washington Free Beacon website took a look and pointed some of the changes out for us. Added was a lengthy passage on the birth of Hillary’s grandchild, which gave her an ample opportunity to portray past philandering husband Bill as a weepy, if not doddering. old grandpa. How’s that for a bit of political re-invention, given the headlines the  last time he was in the white House?

Though a lengthy segment on the birth of Hillary Clinton’s new grandchild Charlotte was added to the epilogue, very little of the original text that appeared in Hard Choices was removed and remains word for word.

The Washington Free Beacon has identified three passages that have been removed entirely from the book’s epilogue, which can be read below.

The first removed passage is of a personal conversation in which President Barack Obama asked her to stay on as secretary of state, and how she declined despite the “tug of her ‘service gene.’”

There is more here, as well.

The updated epilogue is also without this brief discussion of economic problems at home, including how “middle-class incomes have been declining for more than a decade.”