Concealed Carry Permits Boom As Bostonians Rush To Beat New Gun Laws


In 2014 Boston, Massachusetts, saw an “18 percent” jump in the number of persons applying for a Class A gun license.

The rush to get them was the result of new gun control measures passed by Democrats that went into effect in August.

According to the Boston Globe, Class A licenses are also referred to as “licenses to carry.” Residents have the option to get a Class A so they can carry, or a Firearm Identification Card, just to own and transport–i.e., just to keep and bear. The same training and background check are required for either type of license and applicants have to receive “police chief approval.”

With the hassle for either license being equal–and the memory of events like the armed attacks after the Boston Marathon bombing still fresh–Bostonians are opting for the ability to carry. Lieutenant John MacDonough–head of licensing for the Boston Police Department–said, “Most people in the city of Boston are thinking handguns.”

This makes sense to MacDonough, who added, “They aren’t going to carry around a shotgun.”

This same trend is showing itself statewide. “In 2008 less than 8 in 10 of the state’s active gun licenses were licenses to carry. In 2014, about 9 in 10 were.”

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