Fiorina: Hillary Clinton Has No ‘Track Record Of Accomplishment’

Washington, DC

Former HP CEO and likely Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina released a video in response to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s announcement that she will vie for the Democratic 2016 presidential nomination.

“I think our nation is at a pivotal time, so anyone who wants to be president or commander-in-chief needs a track record of leadership and accomplishment and trustworthiness. Hillary Clinton is a highly intelligent woman, hardworking, she’s dedicated her life to public service. But unfortunately, she does not have a track record of accomplishment or transparency,” Fiorina said in the video.

Fiorina has been vocal about criticizing Clinton’s record and approach to foreign policy. She says:

After the famous reset with Russia, Russia is now a more powerful adversary than it was when she became secretary of state. Our relationship with Israel has deteriorated dramatically. The Middle East is in flames. And of course she has not been transparent. She told us for weeks after the purposeful terrorist attack in Benghazi that this was the result of an American video in a demonstration gone bad, and now we learn that she has used a private email server and a private email system for the most sensitive of communications while she was secretary of state. She doesn’t have a track record of leadership or trustworthiness. She’s not the woman for the White House.