Hillary Resigns from Clinton Foundation Board

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The Associated Press

Hours after announcing her presidential bid on Sunday, Hillary Clinton resigned from the board of her family’s Clinton Foundation.

“While I have cherished my time serving on the board and engaging in the day-to-day work of the Foundation, in order to devote myself to this new, all-encompassing endeavor, I have resigned from the board of directors effective today,” Clinton wrote in an e-mail the New York Times obtained. “As I step down from that position, I know that I am leaving the Foundation in great hands. I am equally as excited that Chelsea will continue to lead the Foundation’s mission with Bill, building upon our family’s commitment to help all people live their best life story.”

Clinton and her family’s foundation have been hammered for hypocritically accepting millions in donations from repressive Middle Eastern regimes. The Clinton Foundation has also come under fire for having stopped disclosing its donors since 2010.

In addition, Clinton breached a disclosure agreement with the Obama administration while she was secretary of state. According to a Reuters report, the State Department did not review “any new or increased contributions to CHAI by foreign governments” while Clinton served as secretary of state even though the Clinton Foundation reportedly received “millions of dollars in new or increased payments from at least seven foreign governments.” Clinton had reportedly promised the Obama administration that the Clinton Foundation would disclose “any new or increased contributions to” the foundation by foreign governments during her tenure at the State Department.

According to the Times, the Clinton Foundation may “consider changes this week in their donor policies,” including “more frequent disclosures of donors.”