Hillary Clinton Flip-Flops On Same-Sex Marriage Being a State Issue

AP Photo

Wednesday, as Hillary continued a series of campaign events specifically designed to avoid a media that is not at all pressuring her to answer questions, Hillary flip-flopped on the issue of same sex marriage without a single headline or cable news segment reporting the flip or the flop.

Just last summer Clinton told NPR she believed the issue of gay marriage should be left to the states, “For me, marriage had always been a matter left to the states. And in many of the conversations that I and my colleagues and supporters had, I fully endorse the efforts by activists who work state-by-state and in fact that is what is working.”

Today Clinton suddenly decided that she wants the Supreme Court of the United States to jam legalized gay marriage down everyone’s throats. The ruling is expected in a couple of months, and if it goes as expected, it would result in a handful of judges, through fiat, changing forever a 2,000 year-old tradition.

After Republican Senator Rand Paul announced his candidacy for the president last week, for days he was assailed by the media over the fact that he had changed positions on some issues. Until the media could accuse him of sexism, Paul was accused of pandering, especially on national security issues.

Hillary, who did not back gay marriage until 2013, is cynically using the issue to shore up her left-wing bona fides. And she is doing so without paying any kind of political price from a media still star struck over her burrito.

Republicans flip-flop. Democrats “evolve.”

Democrats sure got it good.


John Nolte on Twitter @NolteNC