Hillary Didn’t Tip ‘Everyday Americans’ Who Made Her Burrito

Hillary Chipotle
Maumee, OH

When Hillary Clinton got in line to order her burrito at an Ohio Chipotle on Wednesday, she blew right past the tip jar and left nothing extra for the “everyday Americans” making minimum wage who were toiling behind the counter.

Clinton made a stop in the Chipotle Mexican fast food store in Maumee, Ohio just after 1PM on Wednesday and stood in line, to make her order just like the other customers. It seemed she went completely unrecognized.

Like many of those slightly more upscale fast food places, Chipotle has a tip jar near the cash register where customers can throw in a little extra. These tips are divvied up among the workers at the end of each business day.

But when Mrs. Clinton got to the cashier, she paid her bill and left nothing extra.

“Her bill was $20 and some change, and they paid with $21 and left,” manager Charles Wright told the media.

In contrast, in a statement on Sunday, Clinton said, “the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top.” She added that, “people are struggling” and said she wants to “stand up and fight for people so they cannot just get by, but they get ahead and stay ahead.”

Politico reported that the Chipotle stop “wasn’t a campaign stop,” but someone on the Clinton campaign likely tipped off reporters to the visit anyway.

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