Ted Cruz Rips Hillary, Praises Diversity of GOP Field in New Hampshire

AP Photo/Nati Harnik
AP Photo/Nati Harnik

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz ripped into the Obama administration and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Saturday, drawing applause for his red-meat remarks.

“I could have sworn I had seen Hillary’s Scooby Doo van outside, but then I realized it couldn’t possibly be that,” Cruz joked. “Because I’m pretty sure y’all don’t have any foreign nations paying speakers, right?” 

Cruz mocked Democrats’ shallow presidential bench while praising the diverse Republican field. 

“Has this not been an incredible array of strong, conservative leaders for two solid days? What testament for the desire of Americans — we want something new. We want new leadership to change the page and turn around.

“The Democratic version of this, I’m pretty sure, is Hillary Clinton having a conversation with a Chipotle clerk,” he said. 

Cruz devoted a large portion of his speech to attacking the White House’s pending nuclear deal with Iran — and stridently defending signing the letter that warned Iran any deal reached that’s not ratified by the Senate can be rendered null and void after President Obama leaves office. 

“One of the great blessings of America is that we don’t have a Supreme Leader in this nation. And so on MSNBC when they asked me if I regretted signing the letter, my response was that like John Hancock’s regret, I didn’t make my signature bigger,” Cruz said to whoops and applause, “so the Ayatollah can read it without his reading glasses.”