Bush AG Alberto Gonzales: Loretta Lynch ‘Absolutely’ Deserves a Confirmation Vote

AP Photo/Susan Walsh
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

The U.S. Attorney General under George W. Bush, Alberto Gonzales, has spoken out about President Obama’s languishing nomination of Loretta Lynch for Attorney General saying that she “absolutely” deserves her confirmation vote.

“I feel very strongly the president of the United States is entitled to his team,” Gonzales told Politico. “And so long as his nominee is qualified, then he’s entitled to his team. He’s done his job by nominating Loretta Lynch; the Senate needs to do its job and give her an up-or-down vote.”

Lynch has struggled to convince the Senate to call her nomination to a vote, but her status has been stalled since her nomination last November. Her nomination has dragged on longer than any AG nominee since the Reagan era.

Gonzales joins those who think that presidents deserve to have their judgment given deference with their nominations, a position several have recently touted.

The former AG joins Jeb Bush and Senator Lindsey Graham calling for Lynch’s confirmation.

On the other hand, all three Senators seeking the GOP nomination for 2016, Cruz, Paul, and Rubio, have said they would vote no.

During her confirmation hearings Lynch said that illegals have as much right to work in the USA as natural-born citizens. Later, she refused to say if she would investigate Hillary for violating the law when she used private email servers when she was Obama’s Secretary of State — and destroyed her emails under subpoena.

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