Jeb Bush Sheds Weight in Preparation for 2016 Presidential Bid

AP Photo/M. Spencer Green/Jim Cole
AP Photo/M. Spencer Green/Jim Cole
Washington, DC

Former Florida governor and presidential candidate-to-be Jeb Bush has reportedly lost 20-30 pounds by embracing the faddist “Paleo” diet as he prepares to run for the presidency… and it shows.

The diet is purported to mimic what may have been the diet of hunters and gathers from the Paleolithic Period.

“Lean meat and fruits and vegetables are in and processed foods, dairy products and sugary delights are out,” according to a Yahoo report. A quick look at contrasting photos from now and just a year ago would indicate the diet, recommended to him by his son George P. Bush, is working.

For Bush, the results have been noticeable. Late last year he was something of a pudgy doughboy with a full face and soft jawline. Today the 6-foot, 4-inch-tall Bush sports a more chiseled look. His campaign-in-waiting would not say how much he had lost, but he looks to have shed 20 or 30 pounds.