White House Press Document Demands More Access To President; Monthly Press Conference

AP Photo/Susan Walsh
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

The White House press corp is releasing a draft version of a series of demands from reporters trying to cover the activities of the president. It has drafted a document of “principles and practices” for access at the White House.

“As we commit ourselves to the letter and spirit of these Principles and Practices, we urge the
current administration, future administrations and all serious Presidential campaigns to do the
same,” a letter from the The White House Correspondents’ Association to White House staff explains.

The document requests that the president hold full press conferences “at least once a month” and take questions from the press “no less than once per week” allowing the White House press pool to cover his daily activities on a regular basis.

Also in the document is a request that a “reasonable amount of video and still photo” be allowed every time the president participates in a leisurely activity, specifically referring to golf outings as an example.

The document also demands more access to celebrations on the South Lawn such as Cinco de Mayo events, Independence Day, and the annual congressional picnic and events like the Kennedy Center Honors and Christmas in Washington.

The White House Correspondents’ Association also includes special requests limiting the use of social media by the White House and the use of live streamed video to distribute information about events.

“White House social media accounts should not be used to circumvent the press corps,” the document reads. “Live-streams and other White House broadcasts are not a substitute for in-person coverage of an event.”

Comments and discussions of the draft document will take place before the release of a final document detailing their demands.