Hillary Clinton Campaign Cashing in on ‘Clinton Cash’ Book

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

The Weekly Standard’s Daniel Halper noticed a fundraising email sent by the Clinton campaign based on reporting from Peter Schweizer’s book Clinton Cash which was picked up by the New York Times.

The email, authored by campaign chief John Podesta, slams the new book as “written by a former Republican operative with ties to a Koch-funded organization — that uses allegations and conspiracy theories to stitch together a false narrative about Hillary without producing a single shred of evidence.”

The letter continues:

Here’s what you need to know from some of the reviews so far:

TIME magazine says one of the book’s primary accusations “is based on little evidence” with allegations “presented as questions rather than proof.”
Yahoo News points out that the author “marshals circumstantial evidence” only to find “no smoking gun.”
We’re only two weeks into the election and we’re already up against these baseless attacks.

If we don’t fight back now, we send a signal to our opponents that we’ll shrivel in the face of whatever will follow.

This is an important moment in this campaign.

The email asks for supporters to sign a pledge of support for Hillary Clinton, which sends them to a donation page for the campaign.