Former CA Republican Party Chairman Vies For Boxer’s Senate Seat

Tom Del Beccaro
Washington, DC

Former California Republican Party Chairman Tom Del Beccaro is entering the race for Sen. Barbara Boxer’s (D-CA) seat.

“As a candidate for U.S. Senate, I will advocate for bold changes for California and the nation so that prosperity is not limited to the well-connected,” Del Beccaro says.

He is jumping into a crowded pool of candidates chasing after Boxer’s seat, which will be on the ballot in 2016.

Rocky Chavez, a Republican state senator, and California Attorney General Kamala Harris, a Democrat, are currently also campaigning.

Del Beccaro, a business and real estate lawyer, said he supports a program for comprehensive water infrastructure and acquisition for California and the repeal of the state’s high-speed rail bond.

“California, which historically has been a hi-tech leader, should be the world leader in water technology to meet the challenges of tomorrow and we need a new generation of leaders who will champion the policies necessary to foster that,” Del Beccaro touted.

Del Beccaro also supports a flat tax nationwide.

“Californians deserve to have a tax system that favors everyone, not just the rich. For years, the Democrats in Congress and the California Legislature have cut deals that they claim will bring jobs to our economy, when, in reality, our economic growth remains stagnant while citizens live paycheck-to-paycheck,” he added.

Del Beccaro, also a contributor for Forbes, concluded that, “It is time to return to an era of economic growth and away from political division, which arises when government picks winners and losers instead ensuring prosperity for all.”