Sheriff David Clarke: Freddie Gray Cops ‘Offered as Red Meat to Angry Mob’

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AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

“She threw the book at these Baltimore cops. As far as I’m concerned what’s happened to them is collateral damage to the rioting and the looting. She offered them up as a sacrificial lamb. You could hear the emotions in her voice. When she took that political turn at the end of the news conference, I knew we were in trouble,” Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said about Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby.

Appearing on Breitbart News Saturday, airing on Sirius XM Patriot radio channel 125 with host Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alexander Marlow, Clarke said that he has been in law enforcement for 37 years and though he hasn’t seen it all, he’s seen a lot. He contends that the charges brought by Mosby against six Baltimore police men and women for the death of Freddie Gray were politically motivated’ and there is no way that she will prove second degree murder and some of the other charges.

Clarke, a veteran homicide detective who has overseen some 400 cases in his career, said that Mosby got too emotional. “You can’t hear voices, you have to tune that stuff out, sift through the evidence, read the volumes of police reports that come in, bring people in for interviews and see if there was stuff left out by the police, and wait for all the forensic testing to come back. In other words, you take your time.”

The frequent guest on Fox News channel said that when he heard the state attorney saying that she “had heard the voices” of the Baltimore demonstrators’ he knew that we were in big trouble. “What I’m talking about is the rule of law, our system of justice. She is abusing her power not to seek justice, but to seek revenge,” he said.

“I’ll tell you what voices she was hearing. She was hearing the voices of Ferguson, Missouri. She was hearing the voices of New York and the Eric Garner case. She was hearing the voices ot the Trayvon Martin case down in Florida. That’s what she meant by that, and I think that is sick,” Clarke added.

The reason that she didn’t bring this case to a grand jury, Clarke argued, is that Mosby knew she couldn’t get an indictment against the officers. “She took a crisis situation and she made it worse… She offered these officers as red meat to this angry mob. Almost reminded me of the days in the Roman Coliseum.”

The sheriff told Marlow that he was elected as a Democrat, but it is failed liberal policies that are at the root of the problem in Baltimore. “This emerging growth in the underclass has been fueled by these failed big government policies. It has led to a failing K-12 public education system. Only 16 percent of students who attend Baltimore public schools read at or above grade level. Yet they spend $16,000 per year to educate a kid in the Baltimore public school system.”

Clarke pointed out that the products of these schools will not be able to thrive in an economy that is becoming more and more a “knowledge based economy rather than an industrial based economy. This is a tech based economy. It’s based on what you know, what you have learned, and what you can do.”

As far as President Obama is concerned, Clarke criticized the president’s claim that the economy is coming back.

“It didn’t come back for the Baltimore ghetto. It didn’t reach down to that level,” he said. “We have spent trillions across the United States on anti-poverty programs, yet poverty is worsening… all it does is keep people mired in unbelievable horrible conditions of poverty, high unemployment, failing schools, drug and alcohol addiction, crime, and violence.”

Baltimore is run by the Democratic political class, the fifty-eight-year old Wisconsin native told listeners. “They have a stranglehold in the city and many other urban centers.”

Breitbart’s EIC asked Clarke what he thought about the erosion of liberal ideals like “being innocent until proven guilty.”

Clarke maintained that “Classic liberalism is the thing that you refer to. We need that in our society. What we are in the throes of right now is modern liberalism. It has been highly destructive to black America. Modern liberalism celebrates black underachievement. It finds excuses for lifestyles that encourage abhorrent behavior; it keeps people de-motivated, because there are no boundaries.”

Part of the problem with modern liberalism is that it allows for “blacks to blame everyone other than themselves for their problems. This is what’s destroyed the black communities starting in the 1960s with the war on poverty that tore the black family apart. Where now 70 percent of the black children growing up are born and raised in single parent household which makes it more difficult to succeed.

Modern liberalism celebrates this sad turn of events for the black family where the father has been marginalized.

“He no longer plays a substantial role in the family and the raising of his kids,” Clarke lamented. “Absent father homes is a critical reason for where we are today.”

Marlow asked Clarke what he thought of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake giving her address in front of a tarp bearing the logo of Al Sharpton’s group the National Action Network. “Totally inappropriate. She is wrapping herself around the wrong person. She’s showing her true colors. It’s a sad day for the people of Baltimore. Anytime Al Sharpton is involved, nothing good comes out of that. Now this thing has turned into what I would say is the early stages of a race war. You are judged on the people you associate with,” Clarke asserted.