Suspect Shot and Killed After Allegedly Pounding on Door, Forcing Way into Home

REUTERS/Jim Urquhart
REUTERS/Jim Urquhart

On May 3, a suspect allegedly pounded on the door of a Pleasant Grove, Utah, home, forced his way inside, and was shot and killed by the homeowner.

Fox 13 reports that “24-year-old Christian Chichia allegedly began pounding on the door of the residence” just before 5:40 a.m., waking the husband and wife. The husband grabbed a handgun and began moving down through the townhome from the upper floor, while his wife looked down–watching the suspect. She told her husband which door the suspect was trying to come through.

The homeowner reached the door and was in the process of unlocking it to see what the man wanted, when the suspect allegedly forced his way inside.

Pleasant Grove Police Lt. Britt Smith stated:

[The homeowner] unlocked it so that he could open it and engage in conversation with Chichia, and that’s when Chichia forced the door and attempted to open it, and that’s when the homeowner—not knowing why he was there, what his intentions were, fearing for his safety and his wife’s safety—fired a round.

Chichia was struck in the chest with a .40 caliber round and succumbed to the injury.

After discovering that Chichia shared a townhome with a number of roommates in the same complex, Lt. Smith said, “We don’t know what his intent was, and unfortunately we can’t ask him, so I’m afraid that’s going to be one of those big unknowns in this case.”

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