Judicial Watch: Muslim Rep. Ellison (D-MN) ‘Obstructs and Complains’ About War On Terror


Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton told Breitbart News that Minnesota Democrat congressman Keith Ellison “has a clear record of obstruction and complaint about every sensible law enforcement effort in the war on terror.”

It’s a trend Fitton finds especially disturbing in the wake of Sunday night’s terror attack in Garland, Texas, and the revelation that the shooters had contact with a jihadist originally from Minnesota.

Rep. Ellison’s home district has become a high-risk area in the war on terror.

In 2006, the Al Qaeda affiliate group Al-Shabaab (“the youth”) was born in Somalia, quickly becoming one of the world’s most dangerous jihadist terror groups as they carried out attacks in Somalia’s bloody civil war and elsewhere.

In some ways, Al-Shabaab was a precursor to groups like ISIS. Not only did they take a hardline pro-Sharia stance—sometimes stoning women to death for adultery—but Al-Shabaab became a magnet for foreign terrorists. Before long, much of the terror group’s leadership came from outside Somalia.

Rep. Ellison began representing Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District in 2007. The district is home to the largest concentration of Somalian immigrants in the USA. One Minneapolis neighborhood is known as “Little Mogadishu.”

Keith Ellison, a liberal Democrat who converted to Islam in college, became noteworthy as the first Muslim in the United States Congress. Born in Detroit, Ellison was a lawyer and community activist who served two terms as a Minnesota legislator before going to Washington, D.C.

Starting around 2007, some American Muslims began traveling to Somalia and taking up arms with Al-Shabaab. These American jihadists came from all over the USA, but dozens of them hailed from Congressman Ellison’s district.

Al-Shabaab was so successful at recruiting from Minneapolis that it became frequent topic in local media. As Minnesota Public Radio reported two years ago:

The FBI has confirmed that two of the recruits became suicide bombers, and seven others are believed to have been killed in the fighting. A mix of nationalism and religious extremism motivated the men to join the fighting.

It even made the national media. This report is from CNN:

With the number of Islamists leaving his Minneapolis congressional district to fight with Al-Shabaab growing to crisis proportions, how did Congressman Ellison respond?

As Fitton told Breitbart News, “Whether it’s Ellison’s faith or liberalism that informs his decision making, I can’t say. However, Congressman Ellison’s record shows that he echoes the talking points of groups like CAIR that absurdly maintain that the biggest threat in our current age of terrorism is to the civil rights of Muslims.”

Rather than springing into action with the clarity and determination Mayor Rudy Giuliani displayed following the 9/11 attacks in New York City, Rep. Ellison chose to ignore the obvious motive of religious extremism for al-Shabaab recruits. The congressman’s approach was much more Obamaesque: Ellison thought people were leaving Minneapolis to travel to impoverished Somalia because of poverty.

Ellison’s solution: let Americans send more money to Somalia. As CNSNews.com reported:

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) said at the White House summit on ‘Countering Violent Extremism’ that not allowing Somalia Americans to send money to their homeland will give an advantage to radical Islamists who are trying to recruit people to their jihadist cause with offers like “a gun, a wife, and a few bucks.”

To make matters worse, one of our country’s biggest terror targets is a short car ride away from Ellison’s district. The Mall of America is a testament to the joys and benefits of Western civilization and capitalism. It’s a landmark destination for tourists and shoppers in the upper Midwest. Naturally, our jihadist enemies want to destroy it. They’ve made their intentions clear, as this recent news report shows:

The threat extends beyond Minnesota, however. As we’ve seen in the Texas Terror attack, radicals from Ellison’s district impact events across the country, and around the world.

Congressman Ellison’s Muslm myopia has extended to foriegn affairs as well.

On the very day that President Hosni Mubarak stepped down in Egypt, Ellison dismissed concerns about the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. He told an MSNBC host:

This is about the people. It has nothing to do with what some sectarian group’s agenda is. This is a scarecrow, this talk about the Muslim Brotherhood. But the most important thing is this a group of people who are rejecting al-Qaedaism, rejecting religious extremism and saying they want what we already have, which is democracy, and we have to stand on the side of that…

History proved Ellison wrong, as the Muslim Brotherhood took power, with deadly consequences for Egyptians.