University of Colorado Student Allegedly Breaks into Home, Gets Shot and Killed

Raised Gun self-defense AP Photo/Seth Wenig
AP Photo/Seth Wenig

On Monday, a University of Colorado student, Roberto Zamora, allegedly walked through a neighborhood, yelling and beating on doors, then broke into a home, where he was shot and killed.

According to Fox 31 Denver, a man and woman were watching television in a home at 98 Pima Court in Boulder, when they heard someone beating on a window “at the back of the house.” The man retrieved a handgun, while the woman called 911.

By this time, Zamora reportedly moved to the front of the house and was “banging on a glass screen door.” It finally gave way, “and the suspect burst through the front door.”

Zamora then allegedly attacked the man–knocking him down–and the two fought. The man was able to raise his gun and fire one shot, which struck Zamora in the chest, killing him.

In a news release, police said witnesses claimed Zamora “had tried to break into a number of homes” prior to the one in which he was killed. They said he was allegedly “yelling at residents and banging on their doors and windows as he tried to gain entry into their houses.”

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