Donald Trump Asserts Independence, Says He Won’t be Swayed By Lobbyists

Donald Trump speaks to Matthew Boyle of Breitbart News aboard his personal jet inn Myrtle Beach on Jan. 19, 2015.
Dan Fleuette
Greenville, SC

GREENVILLE, South Carolina – Real estate mogul and possible GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is eager to separate himself from the political class.

Trump received loud cheers from the crowd when he spoke at the South Carolina Freedom Summit on Saturday in Greenville. He was one of several current and likely GOP presidential candidates to attend the summit.

“Sadly politicians are all talk and no action. They’re not going to get you to the promise land – that I can tell you,” Trump said. He vowed to maintain his independence. “I don’t give a…” about lobbyists, Trump thundered, using vulgarity to make his point.

Trump also took a moment to bash President Obama and his fast track trade bill that gives Obama authority over trade negotiations with other countries, which the Senate is set to debate this upcoming week.

“I respect China, but they are killing us because we have leaders that are incompetent. We have a president that either has bad wishes or is grossly incompetent and certainly can’t negotiate.”

Trump also took a moment to attack the mainstream media for biased reporting.

“I find many people in the political press to be great but many, many, many people are dishonest,” Trump said. “The political media – I think they have a lower rating than Congress, which is pretty hard to do.”

Trump recently expanded his team with new hires in South Carolina, which Breitbart News reported earlier this week. The real estate magnate hints he would make his announcement on whether he will be running for president very soon. And he says je won’t be swayed by the potential to make money through politics.

“I don’t need money – if I run – I don’t need any money,” he said. “I would put a 100 percent – a 150 percent – of my energy into making our country rich again,” he adds.