Carly Fiorina Tells America That Hillary Clinton Can’t Be Trusted

Carly Fiorina speaks at the Iowa Faith & Freedom event in Waukee, Iowa.
Nati Harnik, AP
Greenville, SC

Former Hewlett-Packard chief Carly Fiorina is developing her message to America as she gears up her run for the GOP nomination for president, and her main focus is aimed squarely at Hillary Clinton who, Fiorina warns, is untrustworthy.

Despite announcing nearly a month ago, Hillary Clinton has completely avoided the press, giving rise to a jab from Fiorina.

“Like Hillary Clinton, I too am running for president of the United States,” Fiorina said at the South Carolina Freedom Summit on Saturday. “But unlike Hillary Clinton, I’m not afraid to answer questions about my track record or my accomplishments or my principles.”

Fiorina is referring to the fact that Clinton has been ignoring members of the press during every one of her campaign appearances, a situation that has not been lost on the media.

“Clinton has largely closed herself off from media questions in the first month of her campaign,” McClatchy reported on May 8. “Her refusal to take questions stands in stark contrast to virtually all other candidates in both parties.”

In fact, even McClatchy noted that Carly Fiorina went from announcing her run for president to a 40-minute round-robin with reporters.

In South Carolina, Fiorina continued her broadside against Hillary.

“She is not trustworthy, and she does not have a record of accomplishment,” Fiorina said.

Many of the other candidates also spoke at the event. The Associated Press has highlights of their points.

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