Activists Using Hillary’s Left Turn on Immigration to Demand More Exec Amnesties

White House Photo / Pete Souza
White House Photo / Pete Souza
After Hillary Clinton declared last week that she would “go even further” than President Barack Obama on executive amnesty, amnesty activists are using Clinton’s left turn on immigration to pressure Obama to unilaterally do even more on immigration in his last two years on office.
In Nevada last week, Clinton said she would enact more executive actions to protect groups that are not shielded from deportation under Obama’s executive amnesty–like parents who do not have children who are U.S. citizens.
According to the Associated Press, pro-amnesty advocates from the “Not1MoreCampaign” sent the White House a letter on Monday in which they insisted that “President Obama could make the changes to the immigration enforcement system outlined by Clinton, now.”
“If Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party believe in these changes as more than talking points, they should move for President Obama to enact them immediately with the urging and vocal support of his party,” the letter reportedly said.
As the Associated Press noted, though “the White House insists that Obama went as far as he legally could” with his executive actions, “the activists’ letter also pointed to comments Clinton made questioning conditions in immigrant detention centers, and urged Obama to end detentions of vulnerable populations including pregnant women and transgender people.”
Cesar Vargas, a pro-amnesty advocate from the DRM Action Coalition, recently declared after Hillary’s left turn on the issue that “Obama has not exhausted the legal limits of this power yet” and more “executive solutions” are needed to “bridge the gap between now and the enactment of new laws.”
“The president can still expand deportation relief — as he did with Dreamers — to help keep more families intact and talent in the U.S.,” he insisted.