Judge Reopens Hillary Clinton Email-Gate Lawsuit

Hillary Rodham Clinton
The Associated Press

A federal judge’s decision to reopen a lawsuit brought on by Judicial Watch—in which the group asked for access to Hillary Clinton’s emails while she was Secretary of State—cannot be a good sign for the former First Lady’s presidential campaign.

Clinton turned over thousands of emails she had stored on her private server to Rep. Trey Gowdy’s House Select Committee on Benghazi, but scrubbed the server clean of 32,000 emails she deemed were personal in nature and did not have anything to do with her work while she was Secretary of State. Fox News reported:

Judge Reggie B. Walton’s decision Friday came after the State Department and Judicial Watch, which brought the lawsuit, agreed that the documents that Clinton kept on her own email server separate from the government should be turned over.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, told Fox News on Tuesday that the decision is an “extraordinary development.” He said it could ultimately lead to the department having to “explain itself under oath.”

“This is the first case that’s been reopened,” Fitton told The Washington Times. “It’s a significant development. It points to the fraud by this administration and Mrs. Clinton.”

Previously, the court dismissed Judicial Watch’s request, on the grounds that the documents did not exist.

In December 2014, Gowdy stated that he would be calling Hillary Clinton to testify in front of his Benghazi committee, and he later reaffirmed his statement in an open press conference following one of the committee’s hearings.

Expect fireworks on Capitol Hill when Hillary Clinton goes before Gowdy’s committee to testify.