O’Malley Spokeswoman: ‘We Don’t Have a Problem’ With Stephanopoulos’ Work on Behalf of Hillary Clinton

AP Photo
Washington, DC

A spokeswoman for former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley told Breitbart News that her boss doesn’t have any problems with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos—a former operative for the Bill Clinton White House—hosting Democratic debates or being involved with ABC’s political coverage of the 2016 election.

“No we don’t have a problem,” Lis Smith, O’Malley’s spokeswoman, said in an email. “We’ve always found him to be fair.”

Smith, who ran rapid response for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, would likely be a senior communications strategist should O’Malley move forward with a 2016 bid for the Democratic nomination against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Clinton has, thanks to Breitbart Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer’s book Clinton Cash, come under fire for official decisions she made at the State Department in connection with donations international business leaders made to the Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton Foundation has landed several major players on the world stage connected to the former President Bill Clinton and to Hillary Clinton in trouble, the latest of whom is Stephanopoulos. The current ABC News This Week host has now been forced to recuse himself from 2016 GOP presidential primary debates, but he hasn’t gone as far as recusing himself from all 2016 presidential campaign coverage or from Democratic primary or general election debates.

O’Malley is expected to make the announcement of whether or not he’ll run for president on May 30 in Baltimore, the city for which he served as mayor before his subsequent election to the governor’s mansion in Maryland.

“O’Malley, who is widely expected to run for the Democratic nomination, will tell donors and other supporters about the announcement in a conference call scheduled for Thursday night, according to aides who requested anonymity in order to speak more freely,” the Washington Post wrote on Thursday. “The aides expect O’Malley to say he is inclined to run but to remain somewhat circumspect about his intentions. Were he to tell them outright that he plans to enter the race, he could trigger a 15-day window that would require him to file candidacy papers before May 30.”