Ben Carson: It’ll Be ‘Quite Delightful’ to Prove Critics Wrong in Debates

Ben Carson
The Associated Press

On Breitbart News Sunday, GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said he has plenty of supporters who, unlike the elites in the permanent political class, think his lack of political experience does not preclude him from being an effective leader. He said he is looking forward to proving his critics wrong in the upcoming presidential debates.

Carson, whose campaign has raised more than $5.2 million since his March announcement, said that everywhere he goes, supporters have been telling him, “I’ve never gotten in involved in politics, I’ve never made a donation, I’ve never voted, I’ve never registered to vote…. but I’m doing it now and I’m doing it for you.'”

“It’s wonderful to be bringing new people into the process,” he said. “I love the fact that there are so many people getting involved. It bodes well for the waking up of the nation.”

Addressing his critics, Carson said that the country needs someone who is “going to solve our problems with common sense and not with a bunch of political ideologies and special interests groups and things that are not really helpful or pro-American for that matter.”

Carson said that “in order to solve problems, you need wisdom and a record of being able to solve complex problems” and that “doesn’t necessarily come from sitting in political offices for long periods of time.”

“There are a lot of people in Washington who have held political office for decades,” he said. “I really don’t see them doing a lot to move the country forward.”

At the Iowa Republican Party’s Lincoln Dinner on Saturday evening, Carson reminded attendees that Abraham Lincoln was “an individual who assumed the presidency after only two years of political experience.” Carson said that “many years of political experiences are necessary in order to think and have courage.”

“There are so many different ways for people to gain experience. And living in the real world is one of them. And it makes a huge difference … you understand the lives of everyday Americans,” he told Iowans.

Carson said that “when I think about the fact that in order to be president of the United States you have to be able to solve a lot of problems… I think back to some of the many problems I’ve had to deal with.” The renowned neurosurgeon who has thought outside the box on numerous occasions to pioneer many surgical procedures told the Iowa audience about the many doubters he had before he conducted the first intrauterine surgery. Carson said after he successfully conducted the procedure to relieve the brain pressure of a fetal twin, “then all the critics said, ‘I would have done that too under those circumstances.'”

Carson added that it is “so crucial” that “we have people who can think outside the box and who can solve problems.”

Outlining some of his campaign’s themes in Iowa, Carson railed against the left’s divisive politics.

“We have allowed the haters to get in here and convince Americans that we’re each other’s enemies,” he said. “They create a war on women. Racial wars. Income wars. Age wars. Religious wars. You name it, they create a war on it.”

Carson said that the “American people need to be smart enough to realize that we are not other’s enemies and through our unity is our strength.” In addition to fixing the economy by reducing regulations and lowering taxes, Carson told Iowans that America’s “failure to take a leadership role on the world’s stage” is a grave concern, especially when American is “shrinking back” while “our enemies our metastasizing.” Carson specifically noted that the U.S. Navy is the smallest since 1917 while America’s gutted military equipment, including its nuclear arsenal, is in disrepair.

“How is that going to be something that works for us in the future?” he asked.

Carson also told Iowans that Americans must “stop being afraid of being people of faith and having faith in God.”

“This is a Judeo-Christian nation. It is those values that have allowed us to go from nowhere to the pinnacle of the world in record time,” he said.

On Breitbart News Sunday, Carson said he cannot wait for the presidential debates to change the minds of those who believe that a “physician can’t possibly know anything about economics or foreign policy” or “anything outside of medicine.”

Carson said that it will be “quite delightful to prove them wrong in front of the nation.”