Concealed Permit Holder Frees Woman Held Hostage for 20 Hours

AP Photo/Al Behrman
AP Photo/Al Behrman

On May 15, concealed carry permit holder Henry Oppenheim saw his female neighbor being beaten and intervened by drawing his gun and holding the attacker at bay until police arrived.

What Oppenheim did not know at the time was that his neighbor had been held hostage “for more than 20 hours” and was only outside where she could be seen because she was trying to escape.

The incident occurred in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

According to WTAJ News, Henry Yancey held his ex-girlfriend hostage for over 20 hours prior to the attempted escape. While she was captive, he “allegedly physically assaulted her…threatened to kill her and stabbed her in the leg.” Yancey was naked when the ex-girlfriend tried to escape.

One neighbor said the noise from Yancey chasing his ex-girlfriend down sounded like a “stampede.” Another neighbor, Nicky Mimikos, said that when Yancy caught the fleeing woman, he got on top of her and started “punching her in the face. [Then] he got up and started stomping her in the face.”

That is when Oppenheim retrieved his gun and ordered Yancey to stop. Neighbors moved the ex-girlfriend to safety while Oppenheim held Yancey at gunpoint.

Yancey is expected to face “a number of charges including attempted criminal homicide, terroristic threats and stalking.”

The ex-girlfriend received treatment at a local hospital and was released.

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