Kamala Harris: Don’t Equate Islamic Terrorists with Islam

Kamala Harris (Adelle Nazarian / Breitbart News)
Adelle Nazarian/Breitbart News

ANAHEIM, California — During a closed session with the press corps at the California Democrats Convention on Saturday, Attorney General Kamala Harris fielded questions from Breitbart News and several other news outlets about her bid for outgoing Sen. Barbara Boxer’s (D-CA) Senate seat.

She touched briefly upon foreign policy an hour earlier during her speech to the gathering of Democrats, young and old. Her remarks also covered foreign policy, as she noted “that we do live in a dangerous world.”

Foreign policy has become an unusually prominent issue heading into the 2016 election cycle. President Barack Obama has made a strong effort to avoid labeling the terrorism carried out in the name of religion “radical Islam.”

When asked for her take on that, Harris echoed President Obama saying “there are extremists who are using religion as a cloak to commit terror and terrorist acts. And I think it would be a mistake for any of us to mistake the religion for the terrorists. They can be distinguished. And they should be in our language as well as our policy approach.”

She prefaced her remarks by pointing out the need to talk about Israel “because it is our strongest ally in the Middle East. And so we have to take that seriously and be guided by that reality, as it relates to issues that impact the Middle East.”

It has been suggested that Harris could have her sights on the White House should she win the Senate seat and continue along her path of success in the political arena. Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown recently sat down with Breitbart News and said that both Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and Harris could be eyeing the presidency further down the line. When asked if this is a possibility, Harris laughed and smiled big saying, “That’s an easy one: No.”

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