Suspect Allegedly Breaks Into House, Attacks Husband, Gets Shot By Wife

AP Photo/The Sun, Alonzo Wright
AP Photo/The Sun, Alonzo Wright

On Tuesday, a Jacksonville, Texas woman shot an invader who allegedly broke into her home, fought in the front yard with the husband, then broke into the home again.

The incident occurred around 8:30 a.m.

According to the Jacksonville Progress, deputies said the suspect allegedly broke into the woman’s home “and confronted several people who were inside.” The woman’s husband arrived at the house shortly thereafter and the suspect allegedly attacked him near the back door.

The two men fought outside for a few minutes, then “the husband broke free and ran back inside the house, locking the back door.” But the suspect allegedly found a way to re-enter the home and began attacking the husband again.

At this point the wife had a retrieved a gun and ordered the suspect to stop. When he refused to quit attacking her husband, she fired one round and the suspect “fell to the floor.”

The woman then handed her husband the gun while she dialed 911.

The suspect is hospitalized and in stable condition. His name has not been released by police.

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