WaPo: Is Marco Rubio Broke?

marco rubio 54
Associated Press

The Washington Post writes:

“Marco Rubio made $174,000 as a U.S. senator last year. He earned $52,000 from book royalties and a university teaching position, and at least $5,000 more from rental property.

And yet, the 43-year-old Florida Republican also made what is typically viewed as a desperate financial maneuver — cashing out nearly $70,000 in retirement funds.

As Rubio runs for president, newly disclosed personal finance details have drawn fresh attention to a long-running problem during his political career: his struggles with money.

Rubio is one of the least wealthy senators or presidential candidates, offering a potential contrast with rivals such as Hillary Rodham Clinton (D), who charges eye-popping sums to deliver speeches, and Jeb Bush (R), who comes from a well-heeled family.

But the problem isn’t so much his income; it’s his spending. Over the years, Rubio’s spending habits have drawn regular scrutiny from opponents and have put him in an uncomfortable spot.”

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