Poll: Hillary Clinton Shows New Weakness in California

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Hillary Clinton dropped six points over the last three months as the preferred Democratic presidential candidate in the latest California Field Poll.

In February Clinton maintained a 59% support from likely California Democratic voters, but dropped to 53% in May.

The decline may be attributed to revelations about Clinton’s destruction of 30,000 emails, her use of a personal computer server to conduct state department business, and controversy surrounding alleged influence pedaling by her and husband, former president Bill Clinton,  while she was secretary of state.

Although the poll shows that less than half of the Democrats surveyed are enthusiastic about Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, her lead over Republican front runners is still impressive.

The Democratic frontrunner’s  closest competitors on the Republican side are Marco Rubio, who would lose by a 53-32% margin, and Jeb Bush would be defeated by 52-31% among all California likely voters.

If Clinton wins the overall Democratic nomination, her victory in the Golden State is a shoe-in considering that California is one of the bluest of all the blue states.

Nevertheless the former first lady, still has her critics. Dorothy Breneman, a 77-year-old Republican from Modesto, told the Sacramento Bee, “I’m not familiar with all of the Republican candidates yet. I’m hoping for the strongest candidate, and we don’t want Hillary in there. She’s a hysterical idiot as far as I’m concerned.”