US News: Hillary Can Run But She Can’t Hide

AP Photo/Cliff Owen
AP Photo/Cliff Owen

This article was originally written by Peter Roff and published by US News:

A person could use up an awful lot of bandwidth cataloging all the things former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has to overcome on her way to the Democratic presidential nomination and a four-year term of her own in the White House. One could argue that her potential stumbling blocks are even more severe than most her husband had to surmount on his way to the Oval Office back in 1992.

Part of this is because the times have changed. America is both more accepting and more judgmental about behaviors that once would have permanently derailed a presidential campaign. Her scandals and potential scandals can and will resonate with the electorate in a very different manner. His were largely personal. Hers appear to be mostly professional.

It is also a matter of style. She will never be able to match him in smugness or charm. That “Peck’s Bad Boy” essence he exudes, which produces an odd kind of likability, is not transferable. In a Hillary campaign or a second Clinton White House there will be no “letting everyone in on the secret” breaking of the fourth wall that political comics like Darryl Hammond manage to lampoon with such precision and only just the slightest bit of exaggeration for effect. He can laugh at himself; she can’t.

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