Obama: I Hope The World Remembers Me ‘Fondly’

Barack Obama
The Associated Press

A reflective President Obama was asked during a town hall today how he wanted the world to remember him.

“Fondly, I hope,” Obama replied, as he took a drink of tea.

Obama reminded the audience that he still had 20 months left in his second term, but spent some five minutes talking about his successful presidency, even though he reminded that audience that he had more to do.

Chief among his accomplishments, he asserted, was that he prevented a second Great Depression.

Obama also praised his foreign policy accomplishments, calling them an “important legacy” item, reminding them that when he took office the United States ranked below China and barely above Russia. Under his administration, he boasted, the United States was again the “most respected country on Earth.”

“Part of that I think is the work that we did to reengage the world,” praising his administration for a “reinvigorated” commitment to diplomacy.

Obama said that under his administration’s foreign policy, he was able to “end two wars, while still focusing on the very real threat of terrorism” thanks in part to his commitment to re-engaging the world.

He also cited Obamacare as an important legacy item of his presidency, but did not mention his work on immigration reform.

“I’ve still got a lot of work to do, so maybe in 18 months I’ll check back with you and let you know,” he smiled.