Maddow Warns Hillary: Watch Your Rear View Mirror For Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders
AP Photos
Washington, DC

“What does it mean if Bernie Sanders continues to do as well as he has been doing? … What do you think the message of that is for the Hillary Clinton folks?” Rachel Maddow says, according to this report by the Huffington Post.

Add that to new polling data the shows Hillary hitting what CNN calls “speed bumps” in her path to the Democrat nomination and Maddow may have a point.

The MSNBC host has a message for Hillary Clinton and, perhaps just as importantly, the Beltway media that seems to be all but anointing her. In essence, it ain’t over till it’s over, and Sen. Bernie Sanders appears to be getting serious traction, including in key states.

“The Beltway media has been thinking of Bernie Sanders as an asterisk in this campaign, right? As kind of the Dennis Kucinich character this year, … But he has not been functioning that way at all.”

Maddow went on to point out that Sanders is drawing big crowds, including in Iowa and Minnesota.

The New York Times described Sanders’ event in Davenport as the “largest rally in the state for any single candidate this campaign season.”

Maddow’s talking up of Sanders and calling out of the more establishment media is just one more sign that Hillary Clinton may have a head start on Sanders and other potential Democrat candidates, yet as CNN new reports, her road has not been without significant speed bumps and she may be quite beatable in the end.

Poll: New speed bumps for Clinton

More people have an unfavorable view of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton now than at any time since 2001, according to a new CNN/ORC poll on the 2016 race.