‘Brentwood Men’: Media Scrubs Possible MS-13 Link in Gang Rape Report

MS-13 Gang Members in Cell
AP Photo

Police charged three suspected MS-13 gang members — or “Brentwood men,” as reporters helpfully describe them — with rape after golfers found a battered, naked 16-year-old in the woods near the prestigious Brentwood Country Club on Long Island.

According to Suffolk County prosecutors, the trio, two of whom were El Salvadorian immigrants, stalked the victim and her male friend near a Brentwood middle school on Friday evening. They punched her friend in the face and stole his iPad. He fled — leaving the girl to be dragged into the woods near a Brentwood golf course. The suspects then savagely gang-raped her, leaving her for dead, according to prosecutors.

Jose Cornejo, 17, Bryan Larios, 18, and Joel Escobar, 17, were charged with first-degree criminal sex act, first-degree rape, and second-degree robbery. Police also slapped Cornejo with a first-degree sexual abuse charge. Each of them are being held without bail and will be due back in court on Wednesday.

In typical fashion, media reports scrubbed the suspects’ alleged gang affiliations and immigrant status. CBS New York does not mention that the alleged rapists were foreigners or possibly part of a vicious Hispanic gang. PIX11 notes that they are likely MS-13 gang members, but not that they’re from El Salvador. ABC7 News fails to report any gang affiliation or that they’re foreigners; as usual, when minorities commit horrific crimes, they’re simply described as “teens.” Long Island Press merely reports that they’re random “gang members.”

It’s worth noting that the failed “Gang of Eight” bill, pushed by GOP president candidate Sen. Marco Rubio, would have legalized sex criminals like Cornejo and Escobar. As National Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Council President Chris Crane warned in 2013:

“S. 744 drastically reduces the ability of ICE officers to do their jobs while providing legal status to convicted criminals including gang members, drunk drivers, and sex offenders. I can assure you these are not the types of “reforms” sought by the American public, in fact these are not reforms at all, but instead provisions written by special interest groups concerned only with their own political agendas and future financial gains.”

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