Chris Christie Hits Rand Paul For ’Endless Speeches’ And Self Importance


If there’s one Republican presidential candidate that Governor Chris Christie enjoys criticizing most, it’s Sen. Rand Paul.

Christie is not yet an official candidate for president, but he loves to talk about Paul’s lack of executive leadership skills, painting him as a principled troublemaker in the Senate.

During a conversation with Florida Governor Rick Scott at his Economic Growth Summit, Christie asserted that leadership was showing an ability to compromise – pointing to his own compromises he made with the New Jersey Legislature as a political strength.

In Washington, D.C. Christie explained, compromise has become a “dirty word.”

“You see that stuff going on right now in Washington,” Christie said, referring to the debate in the Senate over extending the Patriot Act authorities. “People standing up, blocking things, giving endless speeches, being self important, not letting the business of government happen.”

Christie pointed out that it was more important than ever for leaders to develop relationships with political opponents, and learn to compromise.

“That’s the job of an executive, whether you are a governor, or a president,” Christie said. “Understand, if you pull 60 percent of what you want off the table, you’re a winner, not a loser.”