Former President Jimmy Carter Sneers at America’s ‘Racist Tendencies’

AP Photo/South Bend Tribune, Robert Franklin
AP Photo/South Bend Tribune, Robert Franklin

In a new interview, former Democrat President Jimmy Carter slammed America as a “racist” nation that refuses to let “old wounds” heal.

Carter spoke to the liberal AARP retirement group in an interview that was released late this week. At one point, Carter said that dreams of a color-blind society are still unrealized in the U.S.

“The recent publicity about mistreatment of black people in the judicial and police realm has been a reminder that the dreams of the civil rights movement have not been realized,” Carter said.

Carter continued insisting that “Americans still have racist tendencies or feelings of superiority to people of color.”

This most vocal ex-president has made a post-presidential career of attacking the US but he has also been a loud and strident critic of Israel. He also became a staunch advocate for nearly every state sponsor of terror in the world.

This year during a visit to the Palestinian occupied areas, Carter maintained that Hamas terror chieftain Khaled Mashaal is a man of “peace,” and then refused to meet with the Israelis because it would have been a “waste of time.”

Carter also said that he felt Israel should be investigated for “war crimes.”

Last August, Carter attacked Israel for essentially committing genocide against the Palestinians and urged the U.S. to recognize terror organization Hamas as a “legitimate political actor” in Gaza.

In this week’s AARP interview, Carter bemoaned the state of “negative” campaigning in Washington.

“When hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent tearing down the reputation of an opponent in order to get elected, animosity and negativism carries on into Washington,” Carter said.

Then he went on to claim that things were more “harmonious” in his day as if he and his fellows never attacked each other.

“There was harmony among Congressmen when I was there, and I got just as much support from Republicans as I did from Democrats. I can’t imagine myself as a successful candidate today,” Carter exclaimed.

This is the same Carter who slammed President Reagan for “absolutely devastating” the environment when he became president, who excoriated Reagan in his White House diary, and who ran vicious attack ads during the 1980 presidential campaign.

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