Obama Boasts: Obamacare ‘Woven Into The Fabric Of America’

AP Photo
AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

President Obama delivered a sharply critical speech today at the Catholic Health Association Conference, blasting his critics for ignoring what he calls the “reality” that Obamacare is here to stay.

“The critics stubbornly ignore reality,” he said, boasting that since Obamacare was passed, jobs actually increased and opened up health care to millions.

Critics of his healthcare plan, Obama said, wanted to “punish millions” who were currently enjoying healthcare and “unravel what’s now been woven into the fabric of America.”

Obama derided critics for continuing to promote “mythology” and “myths” suggesting that the law was failing to work or was unpopular.

He claimed historic success for the law, pointing to a history of presidential efforts to make healthcare more affordable for Americans.

“Americans support this new reality,” he said, asserting that the “vast majority” of Americans were happy with Obamacare, including their healthcare coverage, their premiums, and their coverage.