Towns Leave Streets Named After Olympic Star Bruce Jenner Unchanged

Bruce Jenner
E! via AP

With Kardashians and sex changes in the news, it is easy to forget that Bruce Jenner was once a very famous Olympic star, so famous that a few towns across America named streets after him. But now what is to become of these honoraria?

Should cities now change the names of those streets to reflect the fact that Jenner is now going by the name “Caitlyn”?

One town in this predicament has said that if residents want their Bruce Jenner Lane changed to “Caitlyn Jenner Lane,” well, they’d be happy to oblige.

Town fathers in the Austin community of Olympic Heights, Texas posted a message to its citizens on Facebook saying they were ready for the change if need be and that “the board has no issue” with the idea.

Some residents replied that they didn’t like the idea of a change.

Alicia Bribiesca noted that it would “be a pain” if everyone had to change their addresses.

In Clarksville, Tennessee, residents had the same feeling about the inconvenience in having to change address information. Another resident in El Paso, Texas also felt that a name change wasn’t warranted.

“I don’t think they should change the name, because the street was named after he was an Olympian, and who he is now doesn’t change who he was in the past,” Texan Bianca Duran told NBC Dallas-Fort Worth.

Thus far, though, none of these towns are making any plans to change street names.

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