VIDEO: Man Allegedly Attempts to Rob Father & Daughter, Gets Shot

Raised Gun self-defense AP Photo/Seth Wenig
AP Photo/Seth Wenig

On June 8, a father was putting gasoline in his car with his daughter beside him when a man allegedly tried to rob them. The father responded by drawing his gun and shooting him.

The incident took place in Brazil, but it demonstrates the important role a gun plays in the hands of a law-abiding citizen.

According to Wizebang blog, the robber did not know that the little girl’s father was an off-duty police officer—which is another way of saying he did not know the man was armed.

Every state in the United States has some form of concealed carry. Moreover, the vast majority—44 states—have some form of open carry. So, it is not only policemen who can defend their lives here.

This incident provides a sterling example of the importance of being armed—in a manner that comports with the law—and being well-versed in the use of the firearm you choose to bet your life on. The father at this gas station not only saved himself but also his little girl, who was understandably oblivious to the danger around her until danger struck.

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