NumbersUSA Scoring Against TPA Vote


The immigration reduction group NumbersUSA announced Thursday ahead of the upcoming House vote on Trade Promotion Authority that it will be scoring member’s votes.

NumbersUSA says it will score against the TPA, which would grant the president fast track authority to pass trade agreements, unless it includes specific assurances on immigration.

1) Specific language that prohibits the application of trade promotion procedures to any implementing bill that affects U.S. law or policy relating to immigration or the entry of aliens. The U.S. Constitution gives Congress, and only Congress, the authority to set immigration policy.  This language would ensure that Members of Congress do not have to choose between free trade and immigration provisions negotiated by the Executive Branch which may harm American workers.

2) Specific language to ensure that Congressional approval is needed for all changes to U.S. law and to prohibit the application of trade promotion procedures to any implementing bill that permits modification of a trade agreement without Congressional approval. This ensures that if changes are made to a trade agreement after Congress’ initial approval of the agreement, then those changes would also need to be approved by Congress, thus safeguarding Congressional authority and U.S. sovereignty against international interference pursuant to any open-ended amendment or “living agreement” provisions.

The group noted that while immigration protection language has been added to the package, they are still concerned that the issues will not be addressed.

The House is slated to vote on TPA Friday.