President Obama Chats With Speaker Boehner As Fast Track Trade Authority Vote Looms

AFP PHOTO / The White House / Pete Souza
AFP PHOTO / The White House / Pete Souza

As the vote nears for President Obama’s request for fast track trade authority, the president is working with Speaker John Boehner to get enough votes to pass it.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest revealed that Obama called Boehner this morning to discuss the vote, and is still lobbying Congressional members of both parties.

“I’m confident that is not the only telephone call that the president will have it a member of Congress today,” he told reporters during the White House press briefing. “We will make our case to Democrats—principally to Democrats, but not exclusively to Democrats.”

When asked if the Obama administration was still confident that the vote would pass on Friday, Earnest replied, “Hope springs eternal.”