White House Blames ‘Procedural Snafu’ For Failed House Vote On Trade

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Press Secretary Josh Earnest is trying to put an optimistic spin on the failed fast track trade authority vote in the House today, asserting that “our work is not done yet” on the administration’s effort to push forward on the legislation.

“Another procedural snafu has emerged,” Earnest admitted, citing Yogi Berra’s line about “deja vu all over again.”

Earnest was referring to the Senate vote in May where Democrats chose to block a vote on trade promotion authority before ultimately passing it.

Earnest was optimistic that the House vote would be considered again, and that it would be “easier to resolve” going forward denying that the vote was a failure for the administration.

Earnest did not offer any specific details of how the White House expected to succeed with a new trade vote.