White House Denies Cutting Ties With Muslim Brotherhood

Barack Obama
The Associated Press

Representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood are visiting Washington D.C. this week, but they will not be meeting with President Obama, or any other administration officials, according to reports.

“Have you decided to cut all ties with this organization?” asked a reporter during the White House press briefing today.

“No,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest replied, adding that there had been “no change” in the administration’s policy with respect to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Earnest offered no explanation why the administration chose not to meet with the Muslim Brotherhood representatives, describing them as “foreign interlocutors.”

He reminded reporters that Obama met with representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood earlier this year, adding that it was up to the White House to choose the appropriate time for such visits.

“We have obviously met with the Muslim Brotherhood in the past, as recently as early this year, but on this visit, no one from the administration will be meeting them.” Earnest concluded.