House Approves Procedural Rules, Vote on TPA Coming Soon

Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The House of Representatives just passed a measure that will allow it to consider a Trade Promotion Authority bill, often known as Obamatrade, later today.

This vote was procedural and passed easily, 244-181.

Lawmakers will vote on TPA without the related Trade Adjustment Assistance.

Last week, TAA was soundly defeated in the House. President Obama had gone to Capitol Hill to lobby Democrats on TAA and TPA, but Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi undercut him on the House floor shortly before the vote. She declared she would vote against TAA, and more than 300 members followed her lead. House GOP leadership has been searching for a path forward since.

A final House vote on TPA is expected by Thursday afternoon. The bill would then have to return to the Senate, which passed a different version of Obamatrade last month. No vote is expected in the Senate until next week, and it’s not clear TPA could pass the Senate without TAA.

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